Polar Bar

Sadly, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you’re too old to go to Santa’s Grotto. After last years trip ended with us being told to “get off, you’re breaking my knees!”, we’ve come to conclusion that this December we will forego the annual visit in favour of something more age appropriate. The presents were always crap anyway.

Luckily this year the advent of Liverpool’s first pop-up winter bar – due to open 4 November in Chavasse Park – will provide alternative entertainment for those of us unable to sit on a jolly bearded man’s lap.

Touted as a “stylish wonderland providing a cosy and luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle”, we’ve scanned through the press release and highlighted the most important aspects of this festive treat. (Images taken from last year’s event in Manchester)

Polar Bear

• It’s called The Polar Bar.

• It serves mulled wine.

• If you don’t like mulled wine (who DOESN’T like mulled wine?!) there is an array of posh Illy coffees to choose from instead.

• A food menu is on offer that includes pie and mash as well as something called Classic Winter Crumble, which sounds right up our street.

• Chesterfield sofas are provided to plonk your arse on whilst consuming the aforementioned hot booze and food.

• There will be an eight-foot polar bear in residence. (actually, this scares us a bit)

Daytime family fun will include Giant Jenga and Giant Connect Four. As everyone knows, the only thing better than games from your childhood is supersized versions of them.

In the evening there will be all manner of surprise guests and secret gigs. We don’t know much more about this on account of them being “secret”.

It’ll run until 10th January, after which frivolities will end and we’ll all give up drinking anyway as a half-hearted attempt to fix the damage done in the previous month.

On a less flippant note, our seasonal celebrations have definitely been lacking over the last few years in comparison to other large cities such as Manchester and Birmingham who both hold much lauded Christmas Markets.

As Liverpool City Council seem unable to rustle up much more than some wonky looking sheds and a tent flogging warm beer in Williamson Square, perhaps a “pop up winter bar” might hold the key to bringing festive cheer to the city centre?

The Polar Bar is one of a number of ventures being held by Liverpool One in Chavasse Park this winter; there’s also an ice rink, a carousel and the ubiquitous Santa’s Grotto (booooo). We’ll be pleasantly surprised if LCC do decide to up the ante against its privately owned counterparts, however we’re not holding our breath.

The Polar Bar

– by Stephanie Heneghan

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