For those of you who, despite the best medical advice, still want to pick that scab called Desperate Scousewives tonight, we’ve devised a fun way to make the hour positively fly by.

It’s called Spot The Real Person.

And, no, we’re not talking about the cast. Of course they’re real. They really are journalists and club promoters and, er, widely read bloggers.

No, we’re talking about the ‘real’ real people. Like, for example, the real lad who went up to a be-rollered Amanda Harrington in Liverpool ONE in last week’s episode and asked her for her autograph. Because that sort of thing happens to Amanda all the time. She is, after all, a local celebrity. With a column – now a diary, if you please – in the Echo.

(The Echo which, incidentally, got in touch with us last week, to complain that we’d said some hurtful things about two of their respected journalists: but, ironically, didn’t mention – nor complain – about the things we said about another journalist in their employ, which we think were far more fruity: namely Amanda and her editorial ‘column’ which gets her loads of “free stuff”.)

So, anyway, this real bloke who’s a real Amanda Harrington fan? SevenStreets’ eagle eyes spot the same fella at the Juice FM Style Awards later in the show.

Here he is in Liverpool ONE

And here he is just hours later, in Hillbark Hotel.

What a co-incidence. Imagine the chances. If only that bloke shopping on South John Street had remembered he was going to the Style Awards later that same evening. He could have got a snap of Amanda without her GHD rollers in. Talk about ‘some scenes recreated for entertainment purposes’. It might be better if they say ‘some scenes are real’. That seems to be the least likely scenario.

So, there’s the game. Spot the real person – not the paid extra from central casting/a local model agency/ the production crew…It’s harder than you think.

There’ll be prizes for the winners. We’ll enter you into Amanda Harrington’s Become The Fase competition.

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  1. The Desperate Scousewives crew were filming opposite my house the other week. Various members of the production team felt the need to keep coming onto our drive and standing around by our house (without asking if we minded). I really want them to do it again – so I can throw eggs at them. Seriously, I have a dozen ready. Could I win a prize for that?

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