Argghh! Argggh! Argh-kkk! . ‘Scuse us. Anyway, there are some pirates coming to the Albert Dock this weekend to entertain your little ‘uns. This currently looks entirely appropriate as it’s been tipping down all the week.

Look out for battles between privateers and pirates acting out the tale of the Kings Navy Pirate Hunters in a live action battle under sail in Albert Dock. With actual cannons we’re told.

We’re also told that famous pirates like Blackbeard lead a zombie crew into live action swordfighting against the likes of scouse privateer Fortunatus Wright. You know what we said about the kids? Scrub that – this is clearly for the adults in the audience to enjoy and pretend they’re just there for the children.

There’s loads of pirate-y kit to buy and a Pirate Trail (it starts at Tourist Information in Anchor Courtyard) around the Albert Dock. And if that doesn’t grab you, might we point you in the direction of the Maritime Museum, Tate and numerous shops, bars and pubs.

Albert Dock Pirate Festival
Noon until 5pm; 9-10th June

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