Oddly, we found out about this one via the New York Times. Seems that, when he was over at the Phil last week, Freakonomics editor Stephen Dubner, had the chance to stroll around our city. And he liked what he saw.

But, intriguingly, the author stumbled upon a call to arms – in the shape the Waterfront Festival’s Pirate Muster world record attempt. The festival is stuffed full of free events, but the Pirate Muster’s the one we’re all invited to. As long as we wear regulation Pirate gear. And that’s ‘Pirate gear’ not ‘pirated gear’ – one you get from Smiffy’s Serious Fun, the other from that fella with the carrier bag in Yates’.

Actually, taking a look down the events list, we’ve just spotted:

‘To Kiss a Sailor’ – a unique new aerial show that will see acrobats flying up to 60 foot above water throughout the ship’s rig – in a jaw-dropping array of beautiful aerial sequences.

That’s not something you see everyday.

To Kiss A Sailor will be performed at Hartley Quay on Sat 17th July at 1pm & 2.45pm & Sun 18th July at 1pm & 4.15pm

Pirate Muster: 18th July, Albert Dock. Get there by 1.45. They need all the pirates they can.

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