picture book liveYou can try, but we doubt you’ll be able to resist the singular brand of beat-driven electronica, strings and soul that is Picturebook. Think all gigs in town are the same? Go see them live. We guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth. Ahead of this weekend’s spooktacular at the Shipping Forecast SevenStreets pinned the globe-and-genre-spanning threesome down for a catch up. It wasn’t easy, mild sedatives were administered…
Picture Book span the globe. But how did you all meet?

Dario: Lorne and I were having breakfast back in Manhattan, and as I cracked my egg, out popped Greta. She had a nice tweet tweet, so we scrambled her over our sweet buttered beats.

It’s been a good year for you. What’s been the highlights?

Lorne: We have had some really special moments this year (recording with Deadmau5, recording our EP with Dan Grech in London at Hospital,  Fieldview Festival with our friends in Swindon), but best of all was coming back to Liverpool and throwing our own string of gigs – starting huge parties with fans and friends really getting wild with us!

Do you think your particular blend of electronica and great performances make you stand out in Liverpool?

Lorne: Partly. But again, we would like to think that its because we are adamant about putting the fun back into live gigs! Unsigned (and some signed music) has been inundated with boring shoe-starers, who genuinely don’t care whether you are there or even having a good time – we want people to come to our shows and feel like that 3 quid on the door was a bargain!

That’s why our line ups are always eclectic and our live shows are always OTT!

What do you think of the Liverpool music scene right now?

Dario: It is thriving, but falling in on itself because of an over-saturation of underground music in clubs.

Lorne: If I see one more ‘dubstep’ night crop up, I think I’m going to cry! Besides, it’s not dubstep that the kids want to listen to, it’s Rusko or Skream… they don’t even know what dub step means.

PicturebookGreta, where’s best – your Faroe Islands home, or (hipster Mecca) Brooklyn?

I will continue to go home to the Faroe Islands to see my family, to be at home, and be inspired. But we wanna get out to Brooklyn and do a show very soon…please!

What do you hope for in 2011?

Greta: Bigger and better parties around the world!

What are you listening to right now?

Greta: Youngblood Brass Band – Brooklyn.

What do you like in Liverpool right now?

Greta: The Sink (We have a home again, since The Magnet changed hands and was ruined)
Lorne: Baa Bar on Myrtle Street is really good to us. The manager there, Matt Smith, is one of the best guys in Liverpool. I DJ there 3 times a week!
Dario: We love KOF, Esco Williams, Santiago Street Machine, We, The Undersigned.and Xander and the Peace Pirates!

Tell us something we don’t know about Picture Book.

Greta: Dario and Lorne only fond out they were related when they added each other on Facebook and had the same parents.

Picturebook, The Shipping Forecast, October 31
Slater Street, Liverpool

Check out their stuff on Picturebookmusic

(also on the bill: KOF, We, The Undersigned and The Tea Street Band)


Main pic: Amy Tomlinson

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