One of the must-see exhibitions of 2011 was Paul Trevor’s Like You’ve Never Been Away at the Walker.

Paul spent six months in Liverpool for a photo assignment in 1975, during which time he gained the trust of local communities and was welcomed into their homes and lives with his camera.

The result was a compelling record of the real people of the city. Looking at the simple pleasures of childhood pictured – the water fights, the secret dens etc – made you miss that time when phones were attached to walls and you could count the number of TV channels on the fingers of one hand.

With six month’s worth of material to choose from it was an exhibition full of wonderful moments but inevitably there were also many great photographs that didn’t quite make it in. This is my favourite one that didn’t get exhibited.

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  1. Amazing photos. Wish I’d seen the show but a big thanks to you good people at Seven Streets for featuring as one of your highlights of 2011. The Liverpool of 1975 looks more like 1945 after the blitz, but it still made me yearn for the old days. I’ve trawled his website and there are many gems like the one above.

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