A picture – as we’re all aware – is worth a thousand words. And we enjoy writing with the best of them. But when Liverpool is blessed with so many wonderful snappers it seems a shame not to give them a platform on SevenStreets.

We are, after all, about people, places, things – what better way to celebrate that than with a new picture each week showing off a snapshot of life in Liverpool? Curated by Sam Bytheway, this series will source photographs from Liverpool’s embarrassment of photographic riches. What will it include? We don’t know – we want to be as surprised and delighted as you. Think big, think small, think funny and think touching. Above all, think Liverpool.

Says Sam: An apt photo from a recent St Patrick’s Day. Like any other party night in town, St Patrick’s Day can get a little crazy. I love this portrait because it’s a great example of Pete’s ability to find quiet little moments of beauty amongst all that craziness.


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