philosphy the thinkerThis one almost passed us by – but it’s not too late to get involved in the first Philosophy in the City event, happening this week and on into the rest of October around and about the city.

The event is being staged by The University of Liverpool’s Philosophy Department, and aims to explore the role of philosophy within our cultural life and heritage, and to make philosophical thinking accessible to new audiences.

In tandem with the Biennial, it will be looking at ways philosophy can ‘touch’ us. We are, it has to be said, a philosophical lot.  We wouldn’t have started the excellent ‘Philosophy in Pubs’ nights if we weren’t. And it really doesn’t take much encouragement for us to chip in our universal theory on everything. So we fully expect this free-thinking, all-welcome festival promises more then enough opportunities. And don’t be put off by thinking this will be deep, head-scratching stuff: this event promises to get to grip with real, tangible stuff such as nature, art, faith, happiness and, erm, maths.

So, check out their events, around the city from now until 24 October at venues including the BluecoatTate LiverpoolSefton Palm HouseFACTNews from Nowhere and Next to Nowhere, and Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral and Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Philosophy in the City, Oct 9-24, various venues.
For a programme of events,
click here

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