The lost art of conversation was found alive and well by Club Geek Chic as Peter Serafinowicz returned home and left a lasting impression at St George’s Hall.

It’s sometimes hard to encapsulate in words the energy of a night, the warmth of a guest or the effort that goes on behind the scenes, but it was made easier with the show that organisers Gemma Aldcroft and Karen Podesta produced on appropriately April Fool’s Day. Interviewing local stars, interspersed with rising local
musicians playing the subject’s five favourite tunes, in the latest of their series of In Conversation events, it seemed the geek inherited the mirth.

The attendance had swollen to fill the balcony area of the exquisite concert room, keen to see and hear Peter Serafinowicz – voice of Star Wars villain Darth Maul (he hates the film), Simon Pegg’s nemesis in Spaced, Duane Benzie, (he loves playing dicks) and the star of his own shows Look Around You and The Peter Serafinowicz Show (obviously).

The audience welcomed Peter to the stage, his face initially obscured by a giant screen featuring a huge projection of his head; in complete contrast to a modest man with considerable talents.

Thanks to the hosting skills of Mike Neary anecdotes flowed organically, fleshed out by the pitch perfect impressions of Pacino, Caine, Ralph Fiennes/Leonard Rossiter, Brando and all of the Beatles. However, apparently in the audition for the now defunct – but hopefully one day resurrected – Yellow Submarine remake, was the revelation that Shameless actor Dean Lennox Kelly does a better Lennon.

Peter’s favourite tunes featured throughout the night, opening with a delicate cover of Steely Dan’s Reelin’ in the Years by Alex Berger, who was rewarded with Peter mouthing the words “Fucking amazing!” to him, and it was.

In fact all the acts deserved that praise as we heard Laura James and the Lyres performing Deerhunter’s Desire Lines and closing with The Smiths’ How Soon Is Now?; Gary Brown & Terry Steers with The Beatles’ Helter Skelter; and Neil Campbell with Perri Alleyne-Hughes for Are Friends Electric? by Gary Numan.

What else? Well an acronym version of Let It Be; Look Around You and Markets Of Britain on the giant screen; his work with Coogan as Tex; talk of Butterfield possibly getting his own show (we cheered); a classic Alan Alderaan pun; his fake hoax tweet apology and subsequent further dislike of Piers Morgan (we cheered again); Wogan telling him to say George Michael was a gobshite; and – speaking of which – being offered a part in the oft-rumoured Arrested Development movie (three cheers for Peter).

That doesn’t even do justice to the full content of the three hours that flew by, and all there would have been happy for it to carry on. Even Peter wished he could show us more than just a sneak peak of the Swedish House Mafia music video which he just directed. Lucky for us both sides are keen to work together again.

Potential future In Conversation events may include Vasily Petrenko and Sue Johnston and it’s great to see the evolution of something special especially when it’s home grown.

Whether it’s getting an intimate insight into the career of Peter Serafinowicz as showcased here, or the recognition that Club Geek Chic is receiving after consistently providing events like this – a night of chat, music and comedy; divine.

Club Geek Chic

Main image by Brian Roberts
Second image show Peter Serafinowicz in conversation with Mike Neary, courtesy of Brian Roberts
Third image shows Gary Smith, courtesy of Brian Roberts

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