Did we really wear those jumbo cords? Was I really so beautiful then? You know the feeling, when you’re spooling through old VHS tapes of your youth? No? Just us then…
Maybe that’s why we’re intrigued by the sound of the new exhibition – opening tomorrow – at FACT. Persistence of Vision attempts to navigate the space between technology and memory. How does memory influence what we see? And what part does media have in all of this?
In partnership with Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Denmark, Persistence of Vision aims to trick, tease and test our concepts of memory storage and retrieval. Do we have perfect recall, or is our internal filing system as reliable as a Tesco Value USB stick?
Persistence of Vision brings together the multimedia work of nine contemporary artists  – with some new commissions – and toys with image technologies from today and the recent past: from magnifying glasses and mirrors, to slide projectors and digital cameras.
The Visual Perception Lab at Liverpool University’s involved too – so there’s real science at work here, too.  Which is nice.

Persistence of Vision
18 June – 30 August
FACT, Wood Street

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