Bah! Liverpool city centre is now officially a (decent) magazine desert. With WH Smith now just a post office with a kiosk attached, Waterstones in Liverpool ONE was the only place in town to buy any decent magazines (ie, those without ‘Kerry Katona: This Time I Mean It/My Boyfriend Sold My Mum’s Breasts To Pirates!’ type covers). Now, though, it’s a case of FANCY WRAPPING PAPER AND SHIT TAKES OVER THE BOOKSHOP – as Waterstones has stopped selling any magazines at all (in Liverpool, that is. It still sells them everywhere else). We’re disgusted. Watch this space. We feel a campaign coming on.

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  1. By the Waterstones in Liverpool One, do you mean the nice little Paperchase with the Waterstones attached? No, not a single magazine left in the store. By order of the management.

  2. This waterstones is only good for its coffee shop. Any bookshop that has more space devoted to supernatural romance and troubled lives than all of the sciences says it all. Manchesters waterstones is miles better. Maybe we get the shops we deserve.

  3. Martin Greaney

    Try Swindon Waterstones. Many a mainstream novel, accompanied by kilometres of travel books and erotica (‘…what would you rather be doing today…?’)

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