The weather’s been pretty terrible this summer, but whenever the sun does drag its lazy arse out into the open, our city parks are a pretty nice place to be. And the council are trying to get more of us using them: news comes today that there’s going to be a new pedalo scheme whirring its way to action, starting next week.

There’s set to be a fleet of 12 four-seaters being delivered to Sefton and Stanley Park lakes, and – should you wish – you can hire ’em out on weekends and school holidays for a relaxing peddle around. Fact: It’s been nearly three decades since there’s been any sort of boating on Liverpool lakes, which we’ve only just realised may be actually the most boring tidbit we know. Sorry.

You can’t really pick up much speed on a pedalo, sadly, so the speed demons amongst you are probably best giving it a miss. No word on hire fees yet, but it kicks off from the 8th August if you fancy a look.

Sefton Park and Stanley Park
From Wednesday 8th August. Weekends and school holidays

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  1. i went on the pedalows and i though it was a terrible , you cannot pedal it because od all the weeds in the water ,and the same thing applys the the steering getting clogged up with weeds , the need to cleen it first before the charge people a 5quid for somthing that does not work properly,

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