Spatsys placeo, suitably fired up after reading our Hairspray review, you’ve grabbed a couple of tickets. Yes? (No, really, trust us on this one. We weren’t sure either. But we’re glad we went). Next problem? What to wear.

May we make a suggestion, ladies? Head to Patsy’s Place, in Hackins Hey, off Dale Street  – look, we’ll be honest, we don’t know whether the dress we’ve selected is bang on in terms of date. We’ve been known to carelessly mix our Dorothy Perkins 60s crimplene with a 70s cheesecloth poncho from Watson Prickard before now, but who do you think we are? Barbara Hulanicki?

Anyway, it looks pretty damn groovy in our books: and it’s a silky maxi dress snip at £25. Plus, it would be a whole lot more suitable than the Michael Jackson militaria and nylon flesh tights sported by team Hollyoaks at last night’s press launch.

Visit now and, whisper has it, you’ll be first in line for their particularly hot selection of 1960’s Tuscan lamb hats.

But if you’re currently not rocking the Jackie Kennedy look, no problem – check out Patsy’s Place’s glowing Art Deco jewellery, and Mad Men-era Bally stilettos. Retro to go never looked so sharp.

Patsys Place
8a Hackins Hey

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