The eight legged groove machine are back in town.

Only this time, they’re bringing even more first footers with them as ‘Sleigh The UK’ hits the O2 Academy tonight.

The tour is a dream line-up for those who can still find ther DM’s and pogo like it’s the nineties again, with Jesus Jones, Pop Wil Eat Itself and The Wonder Stuff all performing live.

“I think there is a shared spirit between the three bands,” reveals Wonder Stuff main man, Miles Hunt. “We don’t muck about and there is very little in the way of subtleties within the three bands. It’s obvious what we are trying to do – put a rocking tune over in a forceful way.”

The Wonder Stuff will be headlining and have just released their seventh album, ‘Oh No, It’s The Wonder Stuff’.

Unlike other bands who have reunited, new music still plays a big part in their set and Hunt can’t wait to play it: “Just sticking a guitar on my shoulders, walking out and seeing our audience has always been a game changer straight away for me. They’re still incredibly energetic and just get it.”

So it’s not just your money they’re after baby…

Sleigh The UK,
o2 Academy,
Hotham Street,
Deember 20th.

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