Liverpool’s enduring spirit of DIY publishing goes back decades, from the scrappy photocopied punk and football zines of the 70s and 80s right through to blogs and free magazines of recent years. There’s too many key ones to mention individually, but they all go some way towards contributing to our passionate, headstrong collective identity. It’s also always been a consistently thrilling way to discover the city’s best writers and under-the-radar artists.

We recently received a preview of a rather charming new zine, ‘Canning’, in our inbox – produced by local chap Kenn Taylor and friends, it’s a black ‘n’ white ode to the Georgian Quarter in the form of some impressive illustration, stories and poetry work.

We’re told the zine will be free to pick up from various places in Liverpool and Manchester over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. As much as we love the web, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as holding an inky and beautiful piece of published art in your mitts. Have a look below for a sneak peek at the publication.

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