Hot on the heels of her panto run at the Empire, playing the part of the Genie in Aladdin, Pamela Anderson got a rather overenthusiastic send-off at Lime Street this weekend.

A would-be assailant – at least how the press saw it – attempted to make a ‘grab’ for Pammie, whereupon 40 coppers sat on him, pepper-sprayed him in the face and dragged him out of the station.

Resident paparazzo Dave Evans saw the whole thing, and managed to smuggle out this picture of La Anderson looking ever-so-slightly startled as she waited to be whisked off to Euston.

Altogether now: “He’s behind you!” Actually he’s not. He’s in a police van.

Image courtesy of Dave Evans

  • Simon Hedger

    Mildly impressed that Pammie got on a train to London instead of flying. I’m told she plays a mean Sax too… hmmm, might need to re-evaluate

  • Ben

    I guess she’d have flown had that even been an option from the airport…