For the avoidance of any doubt, Outfit are all that. The 808 drum breaks are enough to tingle our collective spines. Liverpool: It’s all gone a bit 79-82 again, hasn’t it?

The solitary track is a teaser from their April EP release ‘Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth Again’. Do we need the weirdness and wilful randomness of the stuff that surrounds them? We don’t. And neither do they. They have the tunes, and the chops, to go a very long way indeed.

That is all. You can buy it on iTunes here.

  • evacuee

    Who’s the author? No credit given…

  • Robin Brown

    We don’t always credit articles.

  • journojo

    @7streets sweet. Though enjoyed your blog on the subject of Herbert for Mayor. Free scouse-brows on Bank Hols? I should think so! #classy

  • Ric

    Liked the last single. This isn’t as good though. Not sure they can ever live up to the hype a lot of places are giving them.. There’s such a thing as too much too soon.