Effing typical eh? You wait ages for one big screen communal gaming experience to come along, then two come along!

Yup, not satisfied with giving us Super Effective Sunday at the CUC, the city’s creative bods have seen fit to offer us a spot of al fresco gaming this Friday at FACT.

Naturally, this being FACT, it’s not just gaming, it’s art too – either that or FACT artists-in-residence Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet Sola have landed the blag of a lifetime (“No, really, this is research!”).

What that means is FACT is looking for games testers to head down tomorrow night (Friday 26 August) to have a crack on the LED façade – aka the disco window – to try their hands at Pixel Killers – a game that uses people as controllers and the LED screen as a game screen.

“What the hell are you on about?,” we can hear you cry. Well, players play as a pixel and use a wireless gamepad to move around the screen scoring points and killing the other team’s pixels: pure pixel warfare.

Here’s a vid of Pixel Killers in action somewhere else recently. We’re holding out for Horace Goes Skiing.

Pixel Killers
Testing takes place Friday 26 August between between 8pm-9.30pm

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