You know we liked Dire Wolfe, a fourfold gathering of LIPA students thrashing around the city last year. Well, two of the wolves are still hungry for it, and have come together as Kankouran. And the year has started very, very brightly for them. Check out this – soon to be used in season 6 of Skins (thanks to the lovely Sentric, of course: it’s currently all over the place as the season trailer), and featuring vocals by Ireland’s winsome Evelyn Burke. A slow building monster of a track, Rivers blends Arcade Fire’s orchestral pomp with Dire Wolfe’s scratchy lo-fi angst. We love, love, love it. And if you do, you can spend a pound and buy it here.

  • LittleGemSmith

    @7streets it’s gorra be the scissor sisters tune, ain’t it?!

  • Peter Goodbody

    That’s full of aceness – nice find 🙂

  • Sevenstreets

    we try, but we’ll try harder this year. Promise.

  • SentricMusic

    @7streets You lovely people you. It’s a bloody cracking song isn’t it? Will give it a push now…

  • 7streets

    @SentricMusic yep! it’s a corker

  • 7streets

    @SentricMusic its actually brilliant (d)

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