You might have heard the sad news about the brilliant Wolstenholme Creative Space, which recently shut its doors due to some building structural problems. Well, they’re currently looking for a new home for themselves, and in the meantime they’ve rescheduled this previously-postponed Biennial shindig at an equally great DIY space, a place sharing the same spirit: Drop The Dumbells.

The WCS crew had commissioned Liverpool’s electronica gang Sun Drums to conjure up a suitably spectral soundscape to accompany their ‘Inhospitable Landscape’ Biennial exhibition – and after the original live premiere was pulled, it’s finally getting an airing this Friday (25th January).

At ten minutes long, the ‘Order of Nothing’ commission is a dark, aggressive, industrial-tinged electronic piece that explores themes of alienation, hostility and dystopia to pretty devastating effect.

Inspired by a new technological and industrial revolution and the superseding of digital machinery over human labour, the piece begins bleak and mechanical before giving way to a more human kind of fear and isolation. And, if you’re one of the first through the door, you’ll receive one of 100 copies of the vinyl on the night. Ace, right?

Together with The HIVE Collective DJ’s and Kepla, it promises to be a rather electrifying event, and a great way to remember all the good things Wolstenholme Creative Space have been doing. Let’s hope they find some new digs pretty soon.

WCS presents Order of Nothing
25th January, 7pm
Drop The Dumbells

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