As part of this year’s Homotopia LGBT festival, the ever-excellent Crosby Plaza is staging a mini season of LGBT culture through cinema. The free festival has been designed for young people and will combine selected screenings with discussions by guest speakers.

The 1st OPEN Film Festival starts tonight, Monday 8th and runs all week.

Screenings are at 6pm and include:

Monday 8th
Protect Me From What I Want (Dominic Leclerc, 2009)
Shelter (Jonah Markowitz, 2007)

Tuesday 9th
The Laramie Project (dir. Moisés Kaufman, 2002)

Wednesday 10th
Summer Storm (dir. Marco Kreuzpaintner, 2004)

Thursday 11th
A Single Man (dir. Tom Ford, 2009)

Friday 12th
Milk (dir. Gus Van Sant, 2008)


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