For those who thought Twitter was an unhealthy pastime,  we’ve got news for you. Our city’s tweeters are less caged canaries, and more racing-fit roadrunners…

The first International #TweetRun 10k run takes place next Sunday, 27 February – and, like the app itself, there’s a refreshingly egalitarian approach running right through it.

Anyone can take part, there’s no restrictions on participation, or even the route! The event is like a healthy flashmob for those who aren’t as gormless or gullable as traditional flashmobbers (let’s face it, who’s ambition is it, really, to end up as part of a T Mobile ad campaign anyway?) – and for those who want to train for, say the Liverpool half (or full) marathan, organised by RunLiverpool.

An experiment in the power of social media, the #TweetRun 10k hopes to bring together, and motivate, runners – and to show that there’s more to twitter than 140 characters and the occasional boozy meet up (well, a little bit…)

“The event came out of discussions about the training for RunLiverpool’s Half Marathon,” says Francis Irving, of Liverpool startup, ScraperWiki who, together with Hakim Cassimally from the Room of Things, came up with the idea.

“The beginner’s training schedule suggests a 10K race four weeks before the Half Marathon, which is on the 27th of March, yet no such event exists on the calendar.  As it was too late to agree a route with Liverpool Council, arrange sponsorship, and book portaloos, we’re doing an entirely informal event instead.  Discussion and post-race times/courses will be posted on twitter, tagged with #TweetRun10K.”

The South Liverpool route is due to start in Princes Park, and end at Wapping dock, to be followed by a pint and Scouse at the Baltic Fleet. More info here

More information, and registration details here