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If, like us, you find yourselves with half an hour to spare in Frodsham – oh the temptation – you could do far, far worse than visit the compact and charming Castle Park Arts Centre, and, if you’re a graphic arts historian, you’ll be in poster art heaven.

This month, they’ve got every Olympic poster on display – from the nudey naughtiness of Stockholm, to the OpArt mentalism of Mexico. Summer and Winter are displayed, on two floors of sporting triumphs. And, yep, just like this year’s crap attempt, London’s is the worst historical poster on display: a discus thrower clumsily set against the Houses of Parliament. Wow, that really gets the blood pumping.

What’s fascinating is just how accurately, and gorgeously, they recount the history of graphic arts over the past century. These are documents not just of great sporting triumphs, but of the enduring power of stunning poster art.

They’re accompanied by graceful and poised metal sculptures of Olympians in action, by local artist Tony Evans. Well worth an afternoon’s trip beyond Rock Savage, we’d say.

Olypmic Posters
Until 20 Feb Castle Arts Centre

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