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“Great beer is as strong as ever,” says Carolyn Russell of new pub Bier Keller located in a basement setting at the top of Stanley Street.

And, to prove it, Carolyn’s shipped in six of the best: six official beers from this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich that pitch in around the 6% proof strength.

“We have some beers that are 12% proof too” Carolyn tells SevenStreets, but – she’s swift to add – it’s all about the quality, not the strength, or, for that matter, the quantity. Maybe, but we’re guessing that’s a moot point.

“I don’t see beer as being any different to say a good red wine. It’s about appreciation of the product.”

Russell and her business and real life partner Dave Parry spotted a niche in the Liverpool market after “several enjoyable trips” to Holland and Germany. We can imagine it was a tour itinerary close to our hearts. Cathedrals, ancient monuments, tulip fields…

“We particularly loved some pubs in Amsterdam and Bremen…” Carolyn says. Well, we guess even Cathedrals have to close at some time.

“We know from our research prior to visiting some of Germany’s bier kellers that the UK was experiencing a growth in demand for quality beer despite the pub industry suffering overall,” she says.

Hence Russell’s firm belief that selling great beer  “adds another layer to the quality of the city’s food and drink circuit”, and why the Bier Keller is holding its own version of Oktoberfest, running from now until October 9th.

Thursday September 30th is its official launch that willl feature Helgas, Helmuts, an Oompa band and the likes of Hofbrau, Spaten, Augustiner, Lowenbrau and Hackenpsehorr that all pitch around the 6% proof mark.

Meat platters including German salami, Black Forest ham and Kabanos will available as suitable lining to accommodate the good libations expected.

We reckon it was, indeed, a wise move not to fit that expensive carpet after all. We’ll be there for the tapping of the first keg, and are currently combing the goat hairs of our Bavarian hats in preparation. We’re nothing if not dress-appropriate.

So, see you there. And watch out, this is strong stuff. You don’t want to end up a ‘Bierleichen’.*

Oktoberfest, 30 September – 9 October
Bier Keller, Stanley Street

*it’s German for Beer Corpse. Handy to know.

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