Occupy LiverpoolIf you’ve been following the news over the past few days (the news that decides to cover it, that is), you’ll know that Occupy Wall Street – a mass demonstration in New York against corporate greed and corruption – is still marching onwards. Now in its third week, it’s showing no signs of abating, with more and more protesters joining daily. Even Radiohead were rumoured to be getting involved at one point.

Now pages on Facebook and Twitter suggest Liverpool will host its very own version, in the city on Saturday 15th October. It follows other peaceful but powerful mini-protests in Chicago, LA, and Boston amongst others.

We’re not entirely sure how much an Occupy Liverpool protest will directly achieve here, or where it will be – having no defined financial hub, our ‘commercial district’ is a fairly loose area that hosts many independent businesses. But for the principle, and as a peaceful cross-Atlantic show of solidarity to the men and women camped out at Wall Street, it’s to be admired.

Occupy Liverpool on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Littoral

    If you want to protest at the offices of the financial institutions that caused the current financial disaster go and protest at where they are: London.

    Nearly all of Liverpool’s financial infrastructure: its stock market, its exchanges, Martins Bank and the rest of them and almost now all of the insurance firms, have been taken away to London. These now London organisations do not keep even regional offices in Liverpool but rather Manchester.

    How protesting at the small number of local employers that are in the city’s commercial district and providing some people with jobs in a largely poor region is going to a. put one on The Man, who doesn’t live here, or b. do Liverpool any good I don’t know.

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