What would you expect a Kazimier Records compilation to sound like? The sound of the circus coming to town? The sound of salvation? The eye of the storm? Or none of the above?

Fortunately, like the cultural maelstrom it stems from, this – the first sampler from Kazimier Records – defies easy categorization.

A 14 track manifesto that’s as thrilling, fresh and vital as the Kazimier itself, the selection singlehandedly shoots down any fear that Liverpool’s music scene is in danger of eating itself (mind you, who’d be so crass as to suggest such a, erm, notion?).

From the ragged ‘art-deco’ techno stutter of Dogshow’s Engine Room to the vaudeville jazz of Krazy Legs, the Krunk Band’s Bavarian gypsy polka to the smokey Latin laments of Simon Knighton, the Kazimier crew dare you to imagine a Eurovision Song Contest that takes the envelope and pushes it into a dimension still considered ‘theoretical’ in most physics labs.

Make no mistake, this shadowy roll-call of talent aren’t about to be snapped up by the Summer Pops any time soon. Nor, we very much doubt, are they to grace the stages of the parallel universe of tribute acts during the Mathew Street Festival.

KAZIMIER KRUNK BAND Live @ Edinburgh Fringe from Dr. Treehorn on Vimeo.

Hurrah, then, for Kazimier Records. They’ve taken their free-wheeling, brilliant and barnstorming club nights, and transformed them – like the modern alchemists we knew they were – into a shiny, and singularly essential, silver CD.

Kazimier Records Release 1, £4.50

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