We go on a lot about us having the world in one city around here. James Canty? He gets the world in one song. His genetically modified DNA splices Balkan, Celtic, Blues and Breton sea-shanties onto a humdinger of a tune and creates a quietly brilliant piece of maritime-tinged, 21st century folk.

We’d say it would be a soundtrack to a Tim Burton cartoon – but Tim Burton’s lost his mojo, and Canty’s just discovered his. Shark in the Shallows, Canty’s fresh-this-week release is brimming with inventiveness, but is just a joy to listen to. Not too clever. Sort of like the Decemberists meets Tom Waits via the Tiger Lillies. Does that work for you? It does for us.

Liverpool’s musical renaissance continues apace. Go check out. Watch a live video here, or buy the limited edition 7 inch from Smugglers Records here .

OBSCENIC SESSIONS | James Canty | Shark In The Shallows from OBSCENIC on Vimeo.

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