It’s not just Lillehammer that manages to mangle the dark twisted Nordic humour with spiky British time signatures and come out with something warped and wonderful. Take Eye Emma Jedi, that Norwegian-Scouse veal substitute poly-rhythmically ripping up the dancehalls of Stavanger and Speke. The post-LIPA collective have been, under various monikers, responsible for some of the sharpest sounds in the city over the past couple of years.

With Joe Wills’ surefooted production, it’s as crisp and invigorating as a Geirangerfjord waterfall, and as hard to escape from as the smell of, er, troll shit?

Their Killing Moon-released ‘Sin’ has been out a couple of months and, guess what, it still works just fine for us. And that doesn’t happen every day.

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