Straight out of the gate, Battleships may be fresh faced but they’ve arrived fully formed, and tooled up with a set of songs that pack a punch way above their fighting weight. We’re enjoying belting out Turbulence, from their new EP. Urgent, inventive and shot through with clever pop hooks it’s the sound of a band at the top of their game. And, er, they’ve only just begun? The youth of today, what are we gonna do with them? The band were featured in Q’s “Top 140 Songs To Download Now 2012”. But don’t let that put you off. We caught up with them, to shake their hands and offer them some sweets…

How did you get together?
We’ve not been going long, about a year properly. We met a few years ago and got to know each other from the gigging scene. Some of us were in an indie band and some of us were in a sort of post-hardcore band, we used to play together a lot. We realised that we were looking for some sort of musical middle ground between the two genres and thats kind of how we formed Battleships

Describe your sonic template in seven words?
Riffs and hooks, textural, dynamic, fresh, fun.

Who’re you enjoying right now?
We’re into a lot of stuff, it really varies. We tend to find a new band every couple of weeks and we all buzz off of that together for a while. There’s a lot of great music coming out of Northern Ireland and Scotland that we’re loving. We’re enjoying smaller artists/friends bands at the minute though; More Than Conquerors, Alpha Male Tea Party, Arcane Roots…

What’s next for you?
Like every band, we we’re looking for that mythical record deal ha ha! We’re looking to get around the country a bit, get in some magazines and on some radio stations. Hopefully this EP will draw in some attention from the “right” people…

You can buy Turbulence right here.

Greg Murphy – Vocals & Guitar
Jordan Radcliffe – Guitar
Dan Taplin – Bass & Vocals
Tom Dempsey – Drums.

Pic: Conor McDonnell

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