Liverpool and Norway – we share more musical DNA than you might think. The Kings of Convenience recorded their gorgeous Quiet Is The New Loud in Parr Street, we’ve a third of a Wombat, the lovely Ragz and Kaya, and now, one of the year’s most anticipated new live acts: the northern European mash up that is Eye Emma Jedi. With their debut release is mere weeks away, a live set next month at the Kazimier and, well, a feature in SevenStreets, they’re obviously sexy networking all the right people. Looks like we can teach them nothing. Apart from how to choose duvet sets that co-ordinate, not clash.

Check out the jagged edges and perfectly built chassis of debut single, Crucified, below. It’s just about as precocious an opener as we’ve heard for a many a month.

Who: The latest bright eyed hopes for, Eye Emma Jedi offer a hands-across-the-North-Sea love in, with two Liverpool-based, and three Norwegian ex LIPA students.

“For the last six months, we’ve been tinkering away, living the Nordic dream…romancing the national media/good looking scandinavian women, playing festivals, milking respectable riders and band hospitality. But now, we’ve decided to make a move on the slightly more economically unstable music world,” says Joe Wills, Eye Emma Jedi man and soon to be SevenStreets contributor.

“We’ve Just finished recording our latest batch of material at Lark Lane’s Motor Museum Studios. It’s completely allowed us to, like, capture that authentic ‘Liverpool sound’.” Joe sort of adds, with tongue pushed firmly into somewhere soft and yielding.

“We produced it ourselves, but got a couple more family members in (namely; Jonathan Gilmore and Tarek Musa) to engineer and mix it. As a five-piece, living on different sides of the North Sea…it makes for long tedious Skype conversations and needlessly drawn out decisions. Having said that…we’re a very efficient group of songwriters/producers when we get together.”

Future Plans: “Take Liverpool by storm. Don’t embarrass ourselves too much in London. Print some fashionable looking vinyl. Adopt new smart image and tour Germany. Play some extreme sport festivals. Then errrmmm. If all else fails…continue living the Nordic dream and sponging off our lanky, Mick Hucknall doppelgänger of a manager.”

Describe yourselves in seven words:

1. It’s
2. Nothing
3. To
4. Do
5. With
6. Star
7. Wars

1. Half
2. Dire
3. Wolfe
4. Plus
5. Three
6. Nordic
7. Scumbags

Eye Emma Jedi, then. The progressive indie-pop hit factory starts here. Or Stavanger.

everisland present Eye Emma Jedi w/ The Kabeedies (afro-beat delinquents), Crushing Blows (experimental indie noise-niks) & Ninetails (math-pop virtuosos).

Thursday 1st March
The Kazimier, Wolstenholme Sq
8pm, Free

In association with Liverpool Music Week & Obscenic

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