For those of you still undecided on your holiday read this summer, may SevenStreets recommend July’s issue of The Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events. Honestly, we couldn’t put it down. It’s like Dan Brown, but with shady Quangos instead of the Vatican. This month, there’s a rather damning essay about Liverpool City Council and its cabal of local government agencies, the problems in the build up to 2008, and our, ahem, troubled political culture and history.

The influence of these institutions, the article postulates, is the reason why, post 2008, our cultural policy – and legacy – remains confused, disjointed and precarious. The long view? Seems we forgot about that one.

Seriously – worth reading if you’re at all interested in the opportunities won and lost, and whether the Capital of Culture was, in any way,  a catalyst in modernising the way our city operates.

What do you think?

The conclusion (spoiler alert) –  it’s up to those engaged, at the grass roots, in Liverpool’s cultural sector to push things forward.

Like, yeah. The title (theirs) says it all.

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Picture: Nick Bramhall

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