The sound of the underground will be Mashemon-shaped this Saturday, as the agitpopsters headline a fundraiser to support the ongoing programme of gigs, talks and community-minded goodness (sewing circles included) beneath the consciousness-expanding shelves of News From Nowhere. Next to Nowhere (aka Liverpool Social Centre) is one of the city’s most open-minded and, well, deeper performance spaces. But don’t let that put you off. We’ve seen things get preety damn messy down there too. Must be something to do with the enclosed, dark space. Log cabin fever meets cranked up sound system and souped up anarchists = a night to remember. So why not spend a midsummer night in a steamy cellar? Chances are you’ll be drier down there anyway.

Mashemon, Ade Jackson and Go Heeled with poety by Steve Moss.
Liverpool Social Centre, Bold Street, June 25

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