Reckon we’ve got more than enough hotels in the city at the moment? Hoteliers don’t. It’s been confirmed today that Hilton are opening one of their Doubletree chain in the city, flinging open its doors next summer.

We revealed earlier in the year more details about the project, which Liverpool developers Iliad were involved with at one point. The development of the building’s had numerous delays and false starts over the years, but finally looks set to open in the middle of 2013.

Located on Dale Street and Sir Thomas St, the building is the former Municiple Annex, one of the most beautiful and historic spaces in the business district. Oh, and within stumbling distance of Rigbys. Which is obviously the most important bit.

It was previously planned to be a five star, but now they’re aiming for a four star: check out our previous story about the trials and tribulations this building’s gone through.

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