An art terrorist? A political statement/ A drunk? Or just a twat? Either way the new Liverpool Banksy that has turned up on the side of a building on Rumford Street – off Tithebarn Street – has been somewhat altered by a rather underwhelming addition.

The picture of a biplane looping the loop to draw a heart with its vapour trails (chemtrails?) now has the words ‘Bank”sy 4 Robbo’ (sic) intertwined among the white heart. The last ‘o’ is a CND symbol.

Ho hum. Live by the sword and all that. Your thoughts?

Edit: Turns out the defacing might have been done by a follower of Banksy’s rival King Robbo, who had a bit of a graffiti war with Banksy back in the day. Robbo himself is currently in a coma, but has many spraypaint-wielding sympathisers across the globe.

Hat-tip to @majorbisho; pic:

47 Responses to “New Liverpool ‘Banksy’ is defaced”

  1. Doc_Daneeka

    Please can we not give the mindless, stupidity of the Chemtrails consipracy or more acurately lazy online lunacy any publicity.You’ll only encourage them and before you know some t**t in a pub will have another load of guff to rant about in the pub.

  2. Banksy would love the fact his graffiti has been added to by more graffiti. The Banksy movement love the contradiction of art snobs and local authorities who clean up defacements of his (or her) work. I think this is a perfect tribute to the “artwork” and from previous feedback from the Banksy camp, exactly what they would like to see…

  3. To say that the person adding this is an art terrorist or a twat is completely uncouth, they are no less an artist than ‘Banksy’ is. It’s graffiti art after all, placed in the public domain and subject to that publics interpretations, response and alterations. The Tib Street Banksy infuriates me, I wish more people would throw white paint over that box…

  4. Kraig T. Heymans

    i am almost 100% certain you’ve misconstrued oritsema’s comment there tom. using logic, that she probably was born or at least lives around here, (due to her ‘liking’ seven streets on facebook) you can safely assume she doesn’t hate liverpool.

    secondly, ‘scouse’ is a phrase used to take the piss out of scallies when they do something totally horrible and defend it as being ‘scouse’.


    ‘just had a shit in that taxi then..he didn’t clock me for it’
    ‘is right..scouse lad’

    or even more relevant ‘just defaced banksys new graffiti.’
    ‘is right. scouse’.

    it’s something normal people say to take the piss out of the rampant hordes of scallies who think setting shops on fire and terrorising people of a different race is ‘scouse’ or somehow ingrained in our local culture.

  5. Oritsema Ejuoneatse

    True, I was referencing that. But I would also add that there is a certain ironic sense of humour and disrespect for pretension that is unique to Liverpool, and that to deface a self-consciously cool Banksy with a banal graffito perfectly encapsulates that.

  6. Paul Granby

    To many people a wall painted completely white is art, or at least more aesthetically pleasing, so to say painting over someone else’s work is the issue doesn’t make much sense. Graffiti necessarily involves doing just that. Is the argument then that graffiti is fine as long as you’re good?

  7. Jeremiah Wyke

    Yes, but you forget that he was an habitual criminal who accepted arrest as an occupational hazard, and presumably accepted imprisonment in the same casual manner. They therefore felt constrained to commit him to the maximum term allowed for those offences.

  8. Gary Wheat

    mandela did proper porridge- i saw a documenatary with him in it- he had a scottish accent and a screw called mckay had it in for him. he later escaped and went on play school- always shocked me how they employed that bloke after he had clearly been away.

  9. Gary Wheat

    it did- it was cracking and really gave the viewer a lesson in the hardships of prison life- most on there did ok once out- biggins went into telly, mr fletcher went on to own a corner shop with granville, one of the warders went to live in holmfirth spending his days travelling downhill in a bathtub-unfortunately young godber got out and dropped dead at a young age.

  10. Gareth Hughes

    I thought everyone hated those Banksy’s these days, full of fat cat bonus crises austerity euro risk derivative type fellas. Personally I only go to a branch if the girl serving has large assets herself, not so easy now they are predominently ATM’s though.

  11. Johnny the Bag

    Think it’s laughable that Banksy worshippers should be disgusted that his piece has been defaced by further graffiti. Banksy is a talent there is no doubt. Some of his stuff is great and he is suffering from the archetypical British habit of his own people turning on him cos he’s been put up on a pedestal by so many. Robbo was/is a talent also but no-one outside London would have heard of him were it not for Banksy. I hope Robbo makes a full recovery and maybe someday we’ll see a collaborative piece from them….

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