new-brighton-cleanup--9Pete Carr and co were out, this weekend, surveying the scene, and picking up the pieces, after the worst storm surge for 60 years hit the northern shores of the Wirral, decimating the Black Pearl (is there an unluckier ship than our driftwood galleon?), smashing through sea defences, and flooding out the Marine Point development.

“The clean up group actually meet every few months to clean the beach,” Carr tells us. “While I was there, I spoke to Frank Lund (the Black Pearl’s creator) and he said they will rebuild the ship. Their initial plan was for two ships so they could have battles. For now they’re going to take Christmas off to plan and start in the New Year on the Black Pearl II…”

Gusts of around 60mph combined with a high tide of 10 metres caused severe flooding and damage, sending cars into the waves, and waves into the cars on Thursday. The site, on Friday morning, was something approaching post-apocalytic. But, come the weekend, the clean-up team got to work, and, now, the resort is back to its spic’n’span best.Storms batter New Brighton

Despite the clean-up, doubts still remain over the decision to build the development so close to the coast. Speaking in the Wirral Globe, a spokesman for the Action Group said, of the £50million Marine Point: “How regrettable that expert evidence, submitted by the Action Group at the public inquiry – warning of the extreme vulnerability of those waterfront sites for development – was largely dismissed.”

Developers, Neptune said that everything they did was built to stand up to a ‘hundreds of years flood event’.

(Pics: Pete Carr)

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  1. Philip Stratford

    I’m 34 and I can now remember two of these ‘hundreds or years flood events’. Maybe they should have a re-think on the name, and the information they give to would-be tenants of their New Brighton development.

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