We present the first in an ongoing, gotta catch ’em all, survey of Liverpool music, now. With so many exciting acts doing the circuit, it’s quite possible some of them have escaped your notice. Many may be names you’ve seen but not heard. Bands and acts new, newish or established, they all share one thing: they’re the cream of the current crop. And they’re all worth getting to know a little better.

Who Are They?

For some, Ex-Easter Island Head may need no introduction, but a reminder is always handy and with their latest vinyl release currently gracing the shelves of Probe, now seems as good a time as any to discuss their excellence. The brainchild of Benjamin D Duvall, EEIH have been around for a little while now and with each new composition they reaffirm why they are such an exciting prospect. Mallet Guitars One is a shimmering introduction to a concept to which they have since added compositional, instrumental and emotional depth with Mallet Guitars Two, Mallet Guitars Three and Music for Moai Hava.

Why We Approve

Ex-Easter Island Head make pulsing, ambient minimalism by hitting electric guitars with mallets. Far from a neo-classical gimmick however, their music is just as glorious and engulfing without the visual stimulus. The band have found that delicate, sought after sweet spot between experimentalism and accessibility, the avant-garde and melody.

Sound Bite

“Precise and Pulsing rhythmic minimalism…a three chord punk mission statement turned into a neo-classical manifesto” 

“On the whole, it’s composed – not the sort of composition you could score out or notate, but definitely composed. There’s improvisation, but the pieces are based on certain very fixed ideas…” Benjamin D. Duvall, in thefourohfive

Listen Up

Catch Them Next

Ex-Easter Island Head will be performing at Kraak in Manchester on Sunday 21st October as part of A Carefully Planned Festival #2. Get tickets here.

Find Out More

Visit the band’s website here. And their Soundcloud right here.

Image: Getintothis

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