What better way to delve into the city’s thriving art scene than with a weekend of tours, open studios, and other good stuff?

NorthWest Visual Arts Open are organising a series of big weekends in Manchester, Cumbria and Liverpool, the idea being that people can explore, meet artists, and see art they might not have had the chance to normally. This week it’s Liverpool’s turn. Basically, it’s an umbrella of good art activities – and with the current good weather snap it’s the perfect time to do some cross-venue hopping.

What’s on offer? Guided curator tours of the current Charline Von Heyl exhibition (pictured) at the Tate, installations and seminars at FACT, The Bluecoat and The Royal Standard, the closing party of Wolstenholme Creative Space’s great ‘Fixation’ exhibition, and more.

Our highlight is probably Arena Studios and Gallery’s ‘Acetate Steps’ installation and sound piece, dedicated to the enduring art of the mixtape. A must visit for every former teenager who remembers the days of carefully pieced-together DIY cassette compilations. Or CDRs and iTunes playlists, if you’re a pesky youngster.

Full listings information over at Northwest Art Open’s website.

NorthWest Visual Arts Open 2012
Various venues across Liverpool city centre
March 2nd & 3rd

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  1. CazRamsay

    @7streets had so much fun re-visiting our old tapes in the process of making the installation Much dancing around handbags in the gallery.

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