Pudding Club2“I was just wondering if you received the info I sent over on Friday regarding Liverpool’s first specialist boutique for expectant mums – The Pudding Club. This is set to be opening its doors next month,” asks a particularly hopeful PR lady.

“Frustrated with not being able to find comfortable, fashionable jeans – the backbone of her pregnancy wardrobe – Alexandra Macleod decided to set up The Pudding Club so that mums-to-be could enjoy shopping to dress their bump, and feel pampered in the process. The Pudding Club will be the only premium maternity denim supplier in Liverpool…” she continues, pressing all our buttons at once. Embryos as ‘bumps’ – pow! Frustrated Cheshire mums – thwack! Premium maternity denim – twat!

“Women are at a time in their lives when their bodies are constantly changing and they can find this transition daunting,” the press release continues. Especially, we imagine, if the situation is compounded by the nauseating possibility of being unable to source premium denim.

imagesFear not, the Pudding Club’s promise of spandex bump-smoothing underwear and on-trend brands will be arriving at the Met Quarter any day now, including jeans for just £250. A mere, um, snip.

The Met Quarter has a new tenant. Hurrah. Will it help reverse the ailing fortunes of this troubled mall? Probably not. We’re more excited about the All Star Lanes arrival – which, we’re told, will run across the old Flannels store (now Jack Wills) and down into the heart of the mall, from this March, with bowling, beer and burgers: to give us all a little bump we can call our own.

New owners, Insite Asset, have shown great faith in Made-Here (still the city’s best made-in-Liverpool gift store), so let’s hope 2014 sees the Whitechapel mall finally find its way into our hearts.

5 Responses to “Bumps and Bowling Alleys at Met Quarter”

  1. Why anyone would bother sending a press release to cliquesville@thebaltictriangle.com is beyond me, the range of interest of most of the ‘businesses’ there struggle to see beyond John Lewis and a clapped out brewery beset by yet more boxy flats. I only come here to laugh at the fixie twats and their taches. On that though, well done.

  2. Why so sneery? Pregnant women want nice jeans – is that so hard to comprehend? A new business for a struggling shopping centre doesn’t seem like something to be cross about and I have never heard a pregnant woman refer to her ‘bump’ as an ’embryo’ – have you? Believe it or not, some women like to wear nice clothes. Fashion is as big a part of the British economy as the motor trade, so why don’t you take it seriously?

  3. is there really a market for this ? … the mind boggles …. then again we live in a world where people pay thousands for a handbag , buy costumes for their dogs , purchase cars based on the badge and have unnecessary surgery . ….. but its their money , they can do what they like with it ….. good luck to em and the people they are giving their cash to.

    ill never understand it though.

  4. Computer Commuter

    Bowling in the city centre could be very interesting – given that the only alley we have locally in the now rather shabby one on Edge Lane, something a little classier would definitely be welcome. It might even give us an excuse to go into the Met Quarter!

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