We love Minion TV. For math types, they have a hell of a lot of soul. And they’re always bang on the money live. Honestly, you really don’t need to spend £27million to have a party. Just get these boys in. Their new album is released today – The Last Projectionist – and it’s been on heavy rotation at SevenStreets’ summer residence. Broody, urgent, a little bit spooky but a whole lot more life affirming, it’s the sound of a band finding their stride, ripping up the rule book, and revelling in it. Difficult third album? Are you serious?

Suffice to say ‘This is Fucking Glorious’ is a perfectly named slice of cinematic, hypnotic post-rock, custom made to make every late night car journey an Imax experience.

Go check it out, go buy it (complete with a handmade sleeve) and, more importantly, go check them live for the full experience.

Minion TV, at NewPath
Mello Mello
28 July

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  1. paul c

    thank you so much for turning me on to these guys!
    i’ve checked out their youtube channel and was blown away! Sigur Ros meets Death in Vegas meets Boards of Canada. sublime.

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