Consistently hand-tooling terrific nights of music, writing, art and other stuff, Milk’s engaging, multi-pack approach to curation leaves others standing. We salute them, and have a lovely spider plant in hand, ready to offer as a house warming when they throw open the doors (well, technically grills) of their new Baltic hub – the old Picket HQ – weekend.

It’s been a busy 12 months. Have you still got your milk teeth, or are you now fully formed?

The past year or so was like the first term of senior school. Our blazers were massive on us. We’ve had some serious fun and had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most amazing people. Liverpool has this real buzz in the air. Real movement. We fucking love our city.

We’ll always have some milk teeth, nobody is ever quite at the top of their game. The only way to learn is to really get stuck in and take some risks. No pussyfooting. We all work together to create work. It’s the best way to move forward.

Its about just grouping up and actually having a think as apposed to being thought for. The whole year was a massive soul searching session but instead of going to Bali we went to Bold Street.

What’s with the launch? What’s milk been shaking up? That’s positively the last milk pun. Promise.

The launch is a celebration of our new home and headquarters – the dawning of a new era for us really. The team has grown and aims to get bigger. When we first moved into our old place it was simply a platform for us to sharpen our tools. It quickly become a place for others to do the same. Five minutes later we’re throwing some of the most insane – and probably illegal – parties. It escalated from there. A million stories later we’re here.

So, what can we expect emanating from Jordan Street?

We’re never ones to give to much away but expect more parties, more social experiments… literally whatever takes your fancy. We sort of do what we want, what you want. Whatever is in front of us. Whatever has inspired us. It’s like a laboratory for big kids.

We have more space, more equipment, more knowledge and more friends than we ever had before. It’s stops monday morning from being a painful affair. It’s also a totally open door. So I guess it’s up to the people to decide whats happening. People influence us the most.

Where and when are you most happy?

Amazing and really hard question. Happy knowing we’re doing something we love. Meeting new people, productivity, forward thinking. Pure positivity and endless possibilities. Thats when we’re smiling most.

What keeps you fretting at night?

The fact that people fret so much, they need to relax. As well as parties we design, photograph, record, film, create productions, curate shows. With that comes having to charge money for an idea. Some people don’t get that concept.

Annoyingly a lot of people want work for free or for buttons – if the cause is worth while doing it for free comes without hesitation but when the client is making a clear profit then why should we do it? Any designer will tell you the same – and will have been asked to work for free. Its like filling a basket in the supermarket and not paying. That makes me fret. That fact some people rate Tesco Meal Deal Sandwiches over art or concept.

Tell us about some of your stable – what’s happening with Broken Men? What else are you up to?

We’re getting some really positive vibes towards Broken Men recently and got our first national airplay on BBC 6 Music so we’ll keep that ball rolling. Planning to get some travelling done this year with the next phase of music coming along quicker than we thought.

We’ll be launching a website for the venue on the 23rd February. The space, along with our expertise, if needed, will be available to hire for all sorts of things.
We might get a portfolio or something online soon… we never had a ‘shop front’ or a real website before so we’ll see how it goes. To be honest, I don’t know how we kept getting work. The less you give it away the more people want it I suppose.

Tough times to be in culture in the city? Or is it a case of worst of times/best of times?

Totally a case making something out of nothing, anything can happen at any time it just takes some action to cause a re-action and vice versa. People are talking again. Art and music as a whole is based on being the outsider looking in. Nothing actually changes, it just revolves. I don’t think we let anything phase us – not that we’re not paying attention. You can get on with what your doing and make something of it or at least get up in the morning knowing something new is always on the doorstep – good or bad, its all experience.

Is the Baltic all that?

For us, yes. It’s totally refreshing, its friendly, its vibrant. Everyone is instantly wondering how they can connect and work together in some way or other. We couldn’t be happier to be part of the area. From what we’ve read, heard and speculate things are only going to get better. It could do with some more transport links but we’re sure that won’t be long. New faces all the time and thats including us. We’ve been needing a new sort of ‘hub’ for a while now. I think the Baltic is it.

How do you measure success?

Another amazing question. First of all, you need to create your own scale by which you take the measurements other wise you just end up with everyone else’s ideal of success. I mentioned how we got our first national airplay. It seems like nothing to a lot of people but the actuality of it is that as soon as we pick up an instrument we dream of hearing our music on the radio and now its done we have a major bucket list achievement ticked off right there.
In todays world we’re moving at the speed of light which leaves ‘success’ on this constant variable. In order to keep up you need to self educate and believe in yourself a little – then every time you take in something new, your succeeding. John Lennon nailed it: “You’ve gotta serve yourself”.

What do you bring to the party?

A new spot to have a party…

What do you want us to bring?

Yourself. Without you there wouldn’t be a party. Bring an open mind, bring a friend, bring an idea, bring positive thoughts. The ability to accept the fact we’re all in this together. We must sound like new age hippies or something but you know… whatever. Relax.

Milk Presents:
The Sundowners, Broken Men, The Dirty Rivers, The Wild Eyes and more
Saturday 24th February
61 Jordan Street, Liverpool (The Picket)

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