“The musical genius that is Mick Head of SHACK was due to play an exclusive lunchtime gig today.

Mick’s fans are aware that he continues to battle his own demons, so playing in the dry bar, The Brink, was seen as a hopeful opportunity.

Mick had been intensively supported prior to the gig but unfortunately during the gig Mick clearly became worse for wear. The crowd were clearly upset watching their musical hero begin to slur his words, but nonetheless they continued to cheer and applaud.

The rest of the band were in the audience and got up to support him. They were delighted that they were watching SHACK reformed on stage after all this time, however, this momentous occasion became very disturbed as once the set was finished Mick stood up and tripped sideways off the stage.

Paramedics were called and Mick was taken to hospital. He was alert, talkative and appeared only slightly injured.

Jacquie Johnston-Lynch, Head of Service within the charity Action on Addiction commented, “Mick so badly wanted to gig for Christmas, he wanted all is friends and family around him to see how well he was doing. We wanted to support him and a dry bar was the best place for him to perform. When he began to slur his words on stage a number of us made a quick decision to ask him to come off stage, but then the other members of the band went on to support him, so we let him carry on. Sadly as the guys finished, Mick stood up and stumbled off the edge of the stage. It was upsetting for everyone. I hope we can continue to help him. A member of Action on Addiction staff and Micks daughter went with him in the ambulance. They’ve reported in that he is doing ok. Its been a sad day.””

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  1. Timo Tierney

    Really really sad to read and hear this news….A great Friend, A great man and one of the most important musicians of the last 30 years. Unfortunately though people will put him in the situation for this to happen again, again and again. This should not happen to someone with an illness. Long Live The King!

  2. Im not sure anyone “Put him in this position”. The man himself asked to gig there and was highly supported in the days leading up to the event. In the 15 mins he was left without this support something untoward mustve happened for him to be so inebriated so quickly. He continues to get support for such a cunning and baffling illness.

  3. Jacquie Johnston-Lynch

    He is doing well physically. Just a couple of stitches to a cut on his head. Emotionally though……….who knows, this is such a cruel illness. Sending love and offering more and more support.

  4. My father suffered from a mix of rx meds on a long-empty stomach as he was rushing from another continent to make the gig. He has not had a drink in quite some time so unless you know him, keep yor speculations to yourself please. All this does is hurt us, his fans, and friends. He is resting comfortably at home. Thank you.

  5. MickFanAlways

    In hindsight, the Brink concert was Micks very very best moment ever, because look at where this scary moment took him to. The past 18 months have seen such incredible performances and new ventures ahead. Mick is back from the Brink!!!
    Many thanks to a certain lad and his mother for what they did back then and continue to do now.

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