micah p hinsonFireworks at Static? Expect more of a slow burn…

This Bonfire night, a legend of Americana hits town touring a raw new record. Hailing from Memphis, Micah P. Hinson combines gravelly vocals beyond his years, and sweeping arrangements to tell seedy tales of America’s dark underbelly.

Following last year’s All Dressed Up and Smelling of Strangers (a double album of covers), the newie, Micah P. Hinson and the Pioneer Saboteurs, marks a return not just to type, but also to form, for an artist as distinctive as he is impressive.

Though (understandably) described in some quarters as being akin to a younger, scruffier Richard
Hawley, Hinson channels little of the romance of the Sheffield crooner, training his sights squarely
on the darker aspects of American life.

It’s great to see Static snagging more and more must-see acts. So, come join us, and witness the revitalisation of a major talent, bearing his dirty old soul for our entertainment.

Micah P. Hinson, November 5, £12.50
The Static Gallery, Liverpool

Mike Pinnington

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  1. Yeah, Hawley’s isn’t the first name that springs to mind, is it?

    I suppose you get what you pay for, and I’m pretty impressed that Static are putting stuff of his standard on.

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