We’ve been following the fortunes of Metquarter closely for some time. So we note with interest that Carluccio’s Italian Restaurant is set to open in the space vacated by LK Bennet. Carluccio’s is a decent Italian chain, with an outlet in Chester and a couple in Manchester. Nothing too exciting, but a step in the right direction, we think, for the beleaguered mall.

Not that everyone thinks so – we understand that Cafe Rouge aren’t best pleased: when they took out a lease, we hear they were given exclusivity to be the only licensed cafe/restaurant on the site. And, as we type, frantic appeasements are underway. Cafe Rouge has recently stopped its late night opening too, we note, due to lack of trade. Ironically, we think more food offers in the Met Quarter could actually turn Cafe Rouge’s fortunes around. Let’s face it, Liverpool ONE’s leisure terrace (despite its ho-hum offerings) is never short of trade.

Meanwhile, southern preppy clothes store Jack Wills is settling down handsomely in the old Flannels unit, and offers free internet browsing on super-sized Macs, and free wi-fi, for those with half an hour, a cup of coffee and some urgent Googling to be getting on with. Nice.

Things looking up? We hope so.

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  1. Fenton Bell

    The horribly naff fabric sculpture things need to go, then they need a professional artist to paint stylised leaves and flowers over some of the more mundane surfaces. More plants are also needed. And maybe a water feature.

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