The queues snaking round the block still testify to Moose’s preeminence as the city’s go-to breakfast joint. But, thanks to a slew of new arrivals keen to snag the late late breakfast crowd, Brunch offers an altogether more enticing array of options. We love Lucha Libre’s spiced up twist on the MxMuffin (that’s Mx for Mexico, er, obvs), with jalapenos, house chili and oozy cheese, and their maple glazed bacon tacos, morcilla and scrambled egg. Want to kickstart your day? That’s the way to do it. Slim’s Pork Chop Express’ Full Plisskin is like a rescue remedy made real. No matter how big the night before, this’ll sort it: homemade smoked sausage, house bacon, smoked brisket beans, eggs and garlic tomato. Then again, the Josper cooked rump, fried egg and hash runs it a close call. In need of divine inspiration? Alma De Cuba’s Gospel Sunday Brunches come with a side of soaring deep-south harmonies. Imagine chowing down on a full Cuban breakfast, or Alma’s chorizo-infused paella while watching True Detective, and you’re sort of close. Bonkers and brilliant.

Bakchich serves up wonderfully authentic Shakshouka (eggs poached in a piquant tomato sauce), and the Full Lebanese, a plate of fried eggs sprinkled with sumac, crushed broad beans, flatbreads stuffed with halloumi, and organic lab’neh (thick yoghurt).

The Quarter’s easy-like-a-Sunday-morning vibe always hits the right note, with comforting dishes like avocado and poached eggs on toast, while Allerton’s Interesting Eating Company’s teetering towers of pancakes served up with maple syrup and bacon or eggs Benedict with smoked salmon are so good they’re served all day. Over the water? Head to the great little neighbourhood bistro, Armadillo – opposite Victoria Park in Tranmere, for their Eido Souvlaki – Grilled halloumi cheese and sucuk sausage served with flat bread, yogurt sauce and salad. They’ve a Woolton outpost too.

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