To celebrate the 2010 Liverpool Biennial, Mercy has compiled a series of podcasts from Nick Holloway explaining what it’s all about.

This one, titled The Biennial for Beginners, explains the concept to any newcomers, with some clips live from the Biennial press conference.

For anyone baffled by the Biennial, or just in need of a refresher course, Nick talks us through Lewis Biggs’ comments on this year’s Touched theme; the Co-operative collective at the Rapid stores on Renshaw Street; the John Moores Painting Prize; and ruminations on cuts to the cultural sector in Liverpool.

It’s simple and easy to listen to with a good dose of wit and humour, something often missing from arty podcasts and an exclusive musical interlude from Wave Machines.

We commend it to you.

Mercy Biennial Podcast

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