Get yourselves down to the grounds of the Anglican Cathedral tonight (if you didn’t, like us, go last night) for a spectacular aerial display with an ecological twist. But don’t let that put you off.

As The World Tipped, performed by Liverpool’s own Wired Aerial Theatre is a breathtaking, jaw-dropping and (add other body part altering description here)… thrilling piece of al fresco theatre. And the weather’s set fair tonight.

Suspended 20 metres above the audience in the night sky, the performers struggle to control their increasingly precarious world as they do battle with the effects of environmental catastrophe, with spectacular set-pieces aplenty as the world slides towards disaster.

Yes, there’s that old trope of climate change and impending doom to wade through – but, if you’re like us, you can skip all that, and just watch and enjoy it for the balletic thrill of it all, and the impressively deft direction of Nigel Jamieson (he of the 2008 opening show). The show begins with special performances within the Cathedral from 7pm, and the cafes are open too. As is the tower – for spectacular summer-night views until 9pm. Show starts at 10pm.

Liverpool Cathedral, St James Mount, 10pm, July 30-31


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