MelloMello is to leave its Slater Street home next year, it’s been announced today.

A statement posted on their Facebook page has announced Mellostock II, a follow-up to their fundraising efforts in 2009 to secure their premises license – though this time they’re raising cash to put towards a new home, and some huge send-offs along the way.

You’ll remember Mello’s crowdfunding efforts last year: though they didn’t succeed in buying the building – it’s yet to be officially revealed who, and what they’re planning on doing with the place – Mello did turn themselves into a Community Interest Company. In 2012 Mello’s business rates were also vastly increased by Liverpool City Council.

Mellostock II is set to feature all of the space’s favourite artists and musicians, and it’s the start of a teary-but-celebratory 6-month-long goodbye to the building, also home to ace local music mag Bido Lito. “We are very much looking forward to taking everything we’ve learnt to a new premises and hope to have some big news very soon”, they confirm. Don’t miss, basically.

Mellostock II @ MelloMello
4th – 7th July
Tickets here

9 Responses to “MelloMello to move premises in 2015”

  1. Garry Knight

    Baxter Storey are the caterers at the Everyman now and will be at The Philharmonic Hall I believe. Underwhelming in the extreme. And they employ people on zero-hour contracts. Yuk!

  2. Garry Knight

    It was a sort of joke and a loose connection. The Everyman Bistro was one of my favourite places (as is MM) and its new reincarnation has a big Baxter Storey presence. MelloMello’s reincarnation clearly won’t have ….. sorry for the confusion. Just a slightly throwaway remark but anyhoo … Baxter Storey boooo! (They are caterers in my workplace too!)

  3. JD Moran

    Aah right, makes perfect sense now! Had a quick search online for them and have to admit I wasn’t too enthused at them being involved at the Everyman that’s for sure!

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