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We were completely gutted to hear about the Masque’s recent closure – one of the best venues in the city, it’s going to be a sad loss for Liverpool’s music scene. Those lukewarm pints just won’t taste the same anywhere else.

Revellers were panicking a bit about where the already-scheduled Chibuku (New Year’s Eve) and Circus (Boxing Day) events were being held – what other venue in the city is suitable for such a multi-roomed shindig?

Turns out new warehouse and events space Camp and Furnace (previously A Foundation) has jumped in and saved the day. Chibuku and Circus organisers today confirmed both events will go ahead at the Greenland Street space, with all previously bought tickets totally valid. Rejoice! Our praying to the gods of clubbing has clearly done the job.

Camp and Furnace is still relatively new – they’ve only hosted a few events so far – and set to expand in 2012 (they promise bars, exhibitions, and even a hotel) but for a last-minute replacement for our beloved Masque, it’s more than suitable. Get a sense of what it’s like with the image above, from a recent Google conference there.

No word on if the venue will house any of the other previously scheduled stuff at the Masque, but for now we can wipe the sweat from our collective brows and get on with worrying about what the hell we’re going to wear. And who’s paying for that bloody taxi home.

Camp and Furnace, 67 Greenland Street

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