There’s clearly some deep-seated reason for all these band reformations lately. Is it a recession thing? Or are gig-goers just getting lazier and want to hear some comfortable, familiar tunes? Or is it purely a nostalgia trip?

Either way, it’s big business, and a great way for artists to get some easy cash and attention. Locally, The La’s and Cast have done pretty well out of it recently, and now there’s another one heading our way.

Today news comes to us that cheeky 90s scouse pop chaps Space have reformed: you know! ‘Female Of The Species’! ‘Neighbourhood’! That other one!

We actually groaned a bit when we heard about this one – it’s not like the world was exactly crying out for a reformation – but we’ve been revisiting their singles on YouTube this morning and they actually had some really great tunes. Who knew? Somehow managing to take jangly Liverpool lad rock and put an interesting, twisted, lyrically clever twist on things, coupled with a strange sense of uneasiness underneath. There’s a clear thread between Space and other local’uns like The Coral, or even Hot Club de Paris: bands who take jaunty pop music and put their own woozy, quirky twist on it. For a quick trip down memory lane, this one might be worth looking at.

Space, December 22nd
Liverpool Carling Academy, Hotham St

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