There aren’t too many good Christmas songs and the really good ones – Slade, the Shane MacGowan, Jonah Lewie – are played so much they’re beyond the pale. What’s more they tend to be bound up in that shit-eating corporate rubbish that accompanies Christmas these days; even Fairytale of New York – the anti-Christmas song – will be on repeat in Tescos all over the land.

There is one wonderful song that doesn’t really fit the latter however. Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s The Power of Love has a higher profile over the festive period, but there’s really little to tie it to Christmas.

Lyrics that might appear twee in the hands of others – let’s hope there’s no X-Factor cover – are really elevated in Holly Johnson’s beautiful vocals and it’s epic and yearning and awe-struck.

It’s a fairly simple message – and a fitting one at that: love is nice. And that’s a pretty apt Christmas message when you think about it.

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